About WC Media

Outdoor Advertising

WC Media, Inc. is a family owned outdoor advertising company founded in 1996. Driven by the requests of our customers, locations have continuously increased. We are a full service billboard company providing design service, printing and advertisement installation. 

Our inventory covers the state of Illinois, Eastern Iowa and Western Indiana, while focusing on high profile and high traffic locations on local roadways and major interstates. We are dedicated to delivering the highest quality billboard locations, with first class customer service, guaranteed!

Our Team

Sally Miller

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Sally brings many years of customer relations and administrative experience to our office staff.  Sally coordinates the ins and outs of the business.  She manages the office, oversees the accounting and works closely with the installation team to assure a smooth transition from sales to install.

Nate Kolsto

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Nate brings a wealth of customer relations and  15 years of outdoor advertising sales experience to WC Media. Nate joined our team to oversee business sales development.  He enjoys the personal connections he makes with both existing and prospective clients.  He prides himself on providing the first class customer service we are known for.

Joe Malek

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Joe is our land lease agent, managing the real estate sector of WC Media.  He is responsible for finding the perfect piece of property to locate each of our billboard structures.  He is in constant search of high profile locations on both heavily traveled local roads and major interstates.


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Nick, with his wife Danielle, co-founded WC Media in 1996.  Nick serves as the CEO of all operations and marketing strategies.  Nick is passionate about making sure WC Media delivers the highest quality advertisements while maintaining a stellar reputation.


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Danielle, with her husband Nick, co-founded WC Media in 1996.  Danielle and Nick work together as a team overseeing all aspects of the business, from day to day operations to long range planning of the business's growth and potential.  The stellar reputation of the business serves as Danielle’s benchmark in all the decision making and planning.