When designing a billboard, there are four simple guidelines to consider

MHSD-077 SportsCare Billboard BIKER 14x48 v3

Less is More

Since exposure time is limited to just a few seconds, you must get your point across in 7 words or less.

bobcat billboard

High Contrast

Only use color combinations with high contrast in order to make the message easy to read. Black on yellow, yellow on black, black on white, and white on black provide the most contrast.

Over twerked? billboard

Readable Fonts

Large and legible typeface ensures that the driver will be able to easily see and read your advertisement. If possible, avoid fine point, heavily scripted or serif type fonts.

Pasta House billboard

Memorable Image

The most effective advertising doesn’t even need words. A good image or graphic and a company logo can be just as powerful as any catch tagline.

Production Specs


Artwork needs to be created at a scale of ½ inch or 1 inch equals 1 foot at 300 dpi.

File Format

We accept PSD, TIF, EPS, and high resolution PDF files. All colors RGB or CMYK, include PMS colors if necessary. Make sure to flatten layers and convert fonts to outlines.

File Delivery

Email files to WC Media: files must be smaller than 10MB. 

Larger files use Dropbox: email the file name to WC Media and then use the Upload link on this page to upload your files.

Standard Bulletins

Live Copy Area: Example, 14’ H x 48’ W.
Bleed Area: 3” (3” bleed on all standard flex vinyl)
Pockets: 3” (3” pockets on all standard flex vinyl)
Finished Size: 15’ H x 49 ‘ W

Design Services

We offer a wide variety of graphic design services, including billboards, digital billboards, banners, wallscapes, business signs and logos.

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